Area OTC Capsule Coffee Machine

Area is a professional OCS capsule coffee machine which, for its compact size and rigorous but modern style, can adapt to all small
and medium locations.
It is the perfect solution to satisfy the needs of professionals who look for an OCS machine that is easy to use, reliable, beautiful and
Its premium finishing creates a very modern elegance and harmonious lines that well represent its brand.
From modern and trendy offices, to showrooms, from professional studies to B&Bs, coffee corners and Café Lounges, Area is a “must have”, due to the quality of the brewed beverages and the
reliability of its components.

Office coffee machines

Capsule type
4 l water
40 exhausted capsule
2.5 l drip tray
One-Touch / High Speed Cappuccino
Integrated hot water spout
Double boiler, double pump
Cappuccinatore Pinless Wonder
8 direct one touch selections
(1 of which free brewing)
Optional water supply connection
(with the water supply kit)

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 280mm (W) x 380mm (H) x 480 mm (D)
Weight: 9 kg
Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz
Absorbed power: 1300 W
Water supply: independent tank\
Water supply connection: optional (with the water supply kit)|
Water container: 4 l
Exhausted capsules container: 40
Drip tray: 2.5 l
Possibility of using cups of 3 heights: yes – h 90-140-160 mm

Made in Italy