Coffee Machines

Looking for a professional image? Convenience in the office? Just love a good coffee?

So do we! coffee4business offers you professional recommendations and a wide range of choice when it comes to getting a new office coffee machine in your workplace.

We tailor our solutions to meet your budget and specific needs, no matter how large or small your office or workplace might be.

A new coffee machine in your workplace will be of great benefit to your staff, increase productivity and provide the right professional impression for your clients.

Contact us to talk through what we think may work best for your individual circumstance.  We supply a vast range of businesses so we know what works best for each.

Whats more we can look after it too!  With our great service offerings you will be ensured to have a great coffee, always.

Office coffee machines

F11 Dr Coffee

The F11 from DR. COFFEE is the ideal coffee machine for any small and medium sized business. With its compact size matches, ceramic grinder and dual-mode brewing system, this counter-top coffee machine will bring you fantastic experience and tremendous coffee.

Necta Krea

The Krea is the ideal solution for small to medium workplaces where an economic, quality and speedy solution is required. Either counter top or freestanding (base cabinet optional) the choice is yours. The modern and elegant design is enriched by LED lights, chromium-plated push-buttons and frame surrounding the selection area and elegant side graphic panels.

This represents one of Krea’s many features, together with the fact that the coffee hopper and waste container’s capacity are perfectly balanced, to guarantee the highest level of operational efficiency.

Corporate coffee machines

Franke Flair

The FRANKE Flair coffee machine is ideal for anyone wanting to serve a perfect cup of coffee in a small to medium office environment.

Office coffee machines

Saeco Aulika 

The Aulika fully automatic office coffee machine has the capability of producing Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso, among others at a rate of eighty cups per hour making it ideal for medium to large offices.

Corporate coffee machines

SM Plus 5

The SM Plus 5 coffee machine is an exceptional fully-automatic coffee machine for medium to large companies.

Corporate coffee machines

Carimali Armonia Soft

Armonia Soft Plus is defined by a 7 inch touch screen display, completely customisation depending on the user demands. Up to 30 drink selection can be loaded (max.10 per page), like coffee drinks, milk-based drinks, instant products and hot water.

Office coffee
Corporate coffee machines

Franke A600

A crystal-clear touch screen with three user interfaces to choose from makes the FRANKE A600 Coffee Machine an exceptional solution for service or self-service operation.

Necta Canto Coffee & Drink Vending Machine

The Necta Astro Coffee & Drink Vending Machine is the winning solution for any medium to large offices or business, serving the expectations of the most demanding staff & visitors.

Office coffee machines

Dr Coffee F2 Plus

Office coffee machines

Dr Coffee F2 Plus is small in size but big on flavour, with DR.COFFEE innovative fresh brewing technology, these stylish compact machines deliver a range of high quality, rich tasting coffee that easily rival traditional bar machines you would find in many coffee shops. With their compact size and elegant looks, these machines compliment a variety of environments such as small and large offices, meeting rooms and even at home on kitchen worktops.

Area OTC

Area is the essential accessory for your work space. 

A place where aesthetics and practicality merge.
Simple shapes with top quality finishes, from the wide display to the backlit icons.
Inside, it is equipped with the solid technology that has always been the strong point of the Saeco professional coffee machines.
Area is the perfect professional capsule coffee machine for every workplace, from offices to the B2B market.

Corporate coffee machines