Your Workforce Caffeination Specialists

Everything we brew, we brew it for you.

Coffee4Business has been supplying workplaces in New Zealand & Australia with artisan coffee beans and advanced coffee machines since 2003. Our goal throughout that time has been to bring internationally-sourced, premium coffee to the workplace – rivalling the very best cafes.

We’re on a mission to change your team’s perception of office coffee and make it dead easy to keep your workforce caffeinated.

From the full and deep flavours of our ethically sourced beans, through to our range of advanced one-touch machines, comprehensive customer support and lightning-fast servicing – we can provide you with a truly seamless offering that powers your team through every week.


It all starts with the beans...

The most important element of a full bodied espresso, latte, cappuccino (or any coffee, really) is the bean itself. At Coffee4Business, our in-house coffee connoisseurs bring together sustainably sourced beans from across the globe – to create robust and unique blends.


And then the coffee machine...

We consider the size of your kitchen and your team’s coffee habits to determine the right automated coffee machine for your workplace. With touchless automation, app integration, data collection and analysis functionality, you’ll produce a beautifully balanced cappuccino that rivals your favourite cafe.


Together with a hassle-free service...

Your servicing is free and automatically scheduled, and if you do run into a coffee-mergency, we’ll be there on the same day or next day to sort it out. Let us look after the beans and machine; you just enjoy the coffee.

To ensure a seamless transition to full coffee automation, we provide:

  • Site surveys

  • Easy installation

  • Staff training

  • Full ongoing technical support

Coffee Roasting Machine


Coffee4Business is New Zealand owned and operated and one of the largest suppliers of fully automatic coffee machines and consumables throughout both Australia and New Zealand.

We have been serving medium to large companies, government departments and organisations for over 15 years with hundreds of sites in every corner of the country.

More than 35 years of combined industry experience allows us to offer specialised hot beverage systems for every situation. Our ongoing success is due to our outstanding customer service, attention to detail and a highly driven technical backup and support team.

Operating in a consultancy capacity we are able to provide tailored solutions to suit each client’s specific requirements. This is where coffee4business has made a huge and successful difference to this particular market.

To ensure a seamless transition to full automation, we provide site surveys, easy installation, staff training and full ongoing technical support.

We are proud of our success in supplying coffee machines that produce barista quality coffee at the touch of a button with a minimum of fuss complimented with a full support and service team to handle any issues that might occur.

We look after the machine; you just enjoy the coffee.